The Department of Translational Hematology and Oncology Research (THOR) conducts cancer research to develop and make available novel diagnostic tools, targeted therapies and clinical trials for direct use in patient care.

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New Research Sheds Light on “Evolutionary Games” between Cancer and Healthy Cells in Targeted Therapy-Resistant Lung Cancer

Understanding cell growth dynamics may be the key to controlling therapeutic resistance

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Cancer Treatment Approach Developed by LRI Researchers Proven Feasible in Clinical Study

Dr. Scott invented a new radiation planning technique called Temporally Feathered Radiation Therapy to reduce toxicity, which has now been shown to be safe and feasible in a small clinical study.

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Study Confirms Effectiveness of New Personalized Approach for Radiation Therapy

Dr. Scott and colleagues validated the genomic-adjusted radiation dose to be beneficial as a pan-cancer predictor of radiation therapy efficacy in new clinical study.

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