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Lerner-Developed Flow Cytometry Best Practices Lay Groundwork for Global Recommendations

Dr. Asosingh’s team developed new Shared Resource Laboratory (SRL) guidelines, including user consultations, to ensure experimental success and accuracy.


A new study led by Kewal Asosingh, PhD, SCYM (ASCP), director of Lerner Research Institute’s Flow Cytometry Core, is laying the groundwork for the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) to survey academic and industrial best practices across the globe. Dr. Asosingh’s findings, published in the journal Cytometry, recommend new protocols and guidelines that can be used to ensure the highest quality flow cytometry data.

Cytometry is the practice of employing fluorescent labeling quantify molecular properties of single cells, while flow cytometry analyzes individual cells in a fluid suspension. Flow cytometry is commonly used in immunology and hematopathology research and testing.

“The ongoing survey's findings will help develop an ISAC-endorsed set of best practices for flow cytometry cores across the world,” said Dr. Asosingh. “These guidelines will provide a gold standard for reproducibility and quality of flow cytometry data.”

Study recommends user consultation

The study recommends a standardized user consultation with a board certified cytometrist for all new users to review best practices in instrumentation, panel and experimental design, common applications, data analysis and interpretation and laboratory operations.

Using standardized user consultation platforms at this point of the study alleviates deficiencies that could negatively affect data quality and diminish high-quality flow cytometry.

“The initial consultation educates the user about basic principles and best practices pertaining to the researcher’s specific application and reduces common issues encountered at the onset of a new project using flow cytometry,” said Dr. Asosingh.  “A new research project should include a checklist of critical areas and best practices pertinent to the scientist’s study, making it a valuable tool for both researchers and SRL staff.”

Improved global resource facilities

By contributing to a global consensus on user consultations and best flow cytometry practices in SRL, Dr. Asosingh team’s research lays the foundation for improving data quality, and thereby helping to accelerate and enhance research across many disciplines. 

This research was conducted in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic’s Florida Research & Innovation Center and the Department of Inflammation & Immunity.

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