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Dr. Thaddeus Stappenbeck Appointed to the Sherwick Endowed Chair in Inflammation and Immunity

The Sherwick Endowed Chair provides impactful research opportunities to improve understanding of the immune system and inflammatory diseases and develop better preventive and therapeutic responses.


Cleveland Clinic has appointed Thaddeus Stappenbeck, MD, PhD, as the holder of the Sherwick Endowed Chair in Inflammation and Immunity.

In this role, Dr. Stappenbeck, Chair of the Department of Inflammation & Immunity at Cleveland Clinic’s Lerner Research Institute, will lead high priority initiatives to support advances in research uncovering the root causes of inflammatory disease.

“I am extremely thankful to be named the holder of the Sherwick Endowed Chair and enthusiastic about the opportunities the Chair provides to catalyze impactful research that integrates both patient-facing and lab-facing approaches toward improving the health and well-being of patients at the Cleveland Clinic and across the globe,” says Dr. Stappenbeck.

“This funding makes a significant contribution to our ability to understand and dynamically pursue the genetic and environmental factors that predispose individuals to debilitating intestinal inflammation,” says Dr. Stappenbeck. “Our ultimate goal is to transform discoveries in the laboratory into new diagnostic testing, therapies and preventative measures for the millions of patients suffering from inflammatory intestinal diseases.”

Endowed chairs are central to Cleveland Clinic’s mission and help support patient care, research and education programs.

Dr. Stappenbeck’s scientific accomplishments have a broad and far reaching impact on the treatment of inflammatory disease, and his lab has defined stages and mechanisms of intestinal repair. These insights have pointed to a new target for inflammatory bowel disease and led to a new compound to inhibit this target. His lab also found new mechanisms for the effects of specific intestinal microbes on intestinal repair, and created a cell culture system for human intestinal stem cells now used by labs around the world.  

Dr. Stappenbeck serves on scientific advisory boards for Science Immunology and Gastroenterology, as well as several companies in the area of inflammatory bowel diseases. He has collaborated extensively with many other leaders in this field and published over 170 articles in high impact journals, all while successfully training numerous physician-scientists and scientists, encouraging them to continue to study inflammatory and infectious diseases.

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