The Department of Neurosciences at Cleveland Clinic's Lerner Research Institute comprises a group of internationally recognized scientists who are committed to understanding the mechanisms of brain development and function, as well as better understanding the causes of neurodegenerative diseases and developing and improving therapeutic strategies.

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Cleveland Clinic Researchers Receive Two Grants to Study Pathogenesis of Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Dutta is collaborating with other Cleveland Clinic researchers to explore possible novel causes of disease progression in multiple sclerosis, as well as potential therapeutic targets.

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Sensing Changes in Tissue Stiffness Central to Many Neurological Disorders

Dr. Byzova found that microglia sense and respond to changes in tissue stiffness, a hallmark of many neurological and retinal disorders, and identified a related signaling cascade that may be targeted to correct microglial response and potentially treat the associated disorders.

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Neural Stem Cells: A Possible Link Between Pathology and Clinical Manifestations of MS

Dr. Suh found that demyelination of nerve cells in the brain stalls the early stages of hippocampal neurogenesis and neuronal integration, and that these brain changes ultimately result in the cognitive impairment characteristic of multiple sclerosis.

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