The Department of Inflammation & Immunity advances scientific understanding by bringing together a dedicated and collaborative team of scientists at the forefront of immunologic and organ-based research, to deliver impactful translational science that improves the health and well-being of patients at Cleveland Clinic and across the globe.

Working side-by-side with physicians to study patients and diseases, Inflammation & Immunity scientists address challenging questions to uncover the root causes of inflammatory diseases, and ultimately translate these discoveries into new diagnostic testing, therapies and preventive measures for patients. Learn more about us.

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Uncovering the Essential Role Nitric Oxide Plays in Improving Disease Treatments

Cleveland Clinic researchers discover connections between nitric oxide and heme proteins in regulating critical cellular and tissue signaling and physiological functions.

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Cleveland Clinic receives $12 million to investigate how inflammatory cytokines affect cancer progression

A new program funded by a National Cancer Institute grant aims to advance treatments that target the mechanisms tumors use to grow and survive.

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Cleveland Clinic Receives $7.9 Million Grant from NIH to Form Radiation Oncology-Biology Integration Network (ROBIN)

Precision cancer medicine is the goal of a new multidisciplinary study, led by Dr. Tim Chan, examining radiation therapy combined with targeted therapy

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