The Department of Ophthalmic Research is committed to improving the understanding of the molecular and cellular basis of vision loss and exploiting this knowledge to develop targeted therapeutics.

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Dr. J. Bradley Randleman receives $1.5 million to study Brillouin spectroscopy

Researchers study Brillouin spectroscopy to provide additional treatment options for patients with keratoconus.

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Dr. William Dupps, Jr. Receives $2.4 Million to Develop Advanced Imaging and Simulation Tools for Personalized Eye Care

Generating a virtual copy of the eyes to create personalized surgical plans will help lower operative risks and improve outcomes for patients with corneal disease.

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Dr. Stephanie Hagstrom Receives $2 Million to Study Tubby-Like Proteins (TULPs)

Researcher aims to discover the function TULP1 gene plays in the blinding disease, retinitis pigmentosa.

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