The Center for Populations Health Research (CPHR), established in 2017, is supported and informed by members from disciplines across the Cleveland Clinic enterprise. Our purpose is to leverage the talent and knowledge of medical and research personnel, as well as the size and diversity of the Cleveland Clinic patient population to inform clinical interventions, healthcare policy, and community partnerships that will improve health outcomes both regionally and nationally. Our approach includes the evaluation of risk factors beyond traditional clinical measures that influence patient outcomes and understanding of their effect on health and wellbeing.

The core team has expertise in statistical programming, epidemiology, health services research, statistical analysis, scientific writing, and project management. CPHR is located within Lerner Research Institute (LRI), home to basic, translational and clinical research at Cleveland Clinic, a top US hospital. The CPHR will synergize and expand populations health research efforts across the enterprise and centralize data, projects, and staff support.

Through its research and convening, CPHR outlines the following overarching objectives to guide its work:

As a cross-institute convener, CPHR seeks to connect researchers and clinicians across institutes where they would not typically interact.

Data and Expertise
With the wealth of national data through publicly available databases and commercially tracked indicators, CPHR can be a clearinghouse to manage various databases while also providing expertise and mentorship to other researchers where applicable.

CPHR will bring awareness and education regarding population health indicators and relevant findings to Cleveland Clinic researchers and interested staff.

For questions, please contact us at [email protected]