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The Nitinol Core is a fee-for-service laboratory providing early stage design and manufacturing of biomedical devices made from advanced materials such as nitinol, Elgiloy, CoCr, MP35N, and 316LSS. Nitinol is a relatively new alloy that is being incorporated into commercial and medical applications because of its extraordinary shape memory and superelastic properties. So why is there so much interest in nitinol?

  • Biocompatibility, corrosion resistance
  • Super-elasticity (pseudo-elasticity)
  • Shape memory effect
  • Kink resistance
  • Constant restoration stresses
  • Physiological compatibility

Nitinol Surgical Devices
Currently, nitinol is used in the following biomedical applications: cardiovascular stents, kink resistant guidewires, minimally invasive surgical tools, and self-locking orthopedic devices. Key aspects of the advances when using nitinol are smaller devices for minimally invasive surgical techniques. Other elements of nitinol used for stent applications include radial resistive force (RRF) and constant outward force (COF).

Recent Projects Include:

  • Peripheral vascular stents
  • Biodegradable polymer stents
  • Heart valve support frames
  • Ablation stents
  • Aortic stent grafts
  • Orthopedic attachments
  • Sutureless clip


Dave  Dudzinski, BS

Dave Dudzinski, BS
Principal Research Engineer, Engineering Core
Design Engineer, Nitinol Center
Phone:(216) 444-1075
[email protected]


The Nitinol Core houses the equipment needed to overcome the particular challenges that face nitinol product designers in all phases of commercialization. Utilizing the new equipment purchased, scientist and engineers pool their talent and resources in a comprehensive, proactive, and focused approach to nitinol design that should bring new products to market within the next few years. The collaborators in the Nitinol Commercialization Accelerator (NCA) project represent some of the nation’s best expertise in the areas relative to nitinol product innovation including Case Western Reserve, University of Toledo, NASA Glenn Research Center, Norman Noble and State of Ohio Wright Project Center.

Nitinol Core

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