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The Microbial Sequencing & Analytics Resource (MSAAR) facility provides investigators with a single point of contact for study design, power calculations, automated nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) extraction, sequencing library preparation and integrative microbiome informatics and analysis of the sequencing data. Our facility is equipped with the renowned epMotion® 5075tc liquid handling framework (n=2), which are fully automated and optimal for high-throughput DNA/RNA extraction and sequencing library preparation of microbiome samples. These liquid handling frameworks are optimal for nucleic acid extraction from high (e.g. stool) to low microbial biomass samples (e.g. tissue.). Other services include qPCR based absolute abundance quantification (species/strain specific) of microbial taxa and DNA/RNA quality control on an Agilent Technologies Bioanalyzer.

The facility also offers a full range of microbiome based multi-omic informatics services. We have high-performance computing nodes (746 GB RAM each) dedicated to to analyzing sequencing data from microbial genomics (clonal isolates), amplicon (16S/18S rRNA gene and internal transcribed spacer DNA), metagenomics (DNA from microbial community), metatranscriptomics, that is studies of the human microbiome as well as metabolomic analysis of the human microbiota. The analytics division has extensive experience with large (e.g. longitudinal) metagenomic and metatranscriptomic projects. We provide investigators with custom designed tools to integrate data from microbial genomics, metagenomics, metatranscriptomics and metabolomics projects and interpret metabolic activities of uncultivable microbiota and assess its impact on the host.


Naseer  Sangwan, PhD

Naseer Sangwan, PhD
Core Director
[email protected]


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The Microbial Sequencing & Analytics Resource (MSAAR) provides investigators with an end-to-end resource from study design, nucleic acid extraction, NGS library preparation and comprehensive microbiome based multi-omic informatics. The MSAAR facility is conveniently housed on the fifth floor of the NE building on the Lerner Research Institute main campus. The facility includes a wet lab, freezer space, 2 high-performance computing nodes (746 GB RAM each) for amplicon and shot-gun microbiome DNA/RNA extraction and NGS library preparation.

Microbial Sequencing & Analytics Core

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