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The Media Preparation Core offers a wide variety of quality controlled media at economical prices. Media is prepared in large batches ranging from 50L-300L from commercially produced powders. All products go through a strict quality control program. Custom plates and media are offered by request and are usually available within 2-4 business days. All other orders placed online can be picked up on the next business day. The Media Core services are very convenient and cost-effective.

Disclaimer: Media Core products are quality controlled and given a conservative expiration date. However, when dealing with sensitive and difficult cell lines remember to rotate stock and use the freshest batch of media available to ensure proper growth.

Core maintenance and cleaning demonstrations are also regularly available. Call 216.445.0540 to schedule an appointment, or email media personnel at [email protected].


Carmel M. Burns

Carmel M. Burns
Manager, Glassware Core
Manager, Cell Services Core
Phone:(216) 444-5814
[email protected]

Phyllis  Harbor

Phyllis Harbor
Shared Lab Resource Specialist IV
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Sydney  Loesch

Sydney Loesch
Shared Lab Resource Specialist I
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Tyler Shema
Shared Lab Resource Specialist I
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Bacteriological Media
Media used for the growth of bacteria.

A buffer is an aqueous solution that has a highly stable pH (i.e. Phosphate and Tris Buffered Saline).

Cell Culture Media
A growth medium to support the growth of cells (i.e. RPMI and DMEM).

Endotoxin Testing
The Endoscan V software system uses Kinetic Turbidimetrics to provide quantitative Endotoxin results for in-process and end product samples. The assay sensitivity available for use is 0.06EU/mL using a standard curve of 5-0.05 EU/mL. The second method uses Endosafe-PTS, a rapid, point-of-use test system that utilizes Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) reagents in a test cartridge with a handheld spectrophotometer. The PTS can effectively be used to obtain fast, quantitative LAL test results in about 15 minutes.

For any specific Endotoxin questions please contact Charles River at 1.800.762.7016 or visit their website.

FBS- Heat Inactivated or Regular
Fetal Bovine Serum is the most widely used serum supplement due to its great versatility in cell culture application. It is favored for its increased levels of growth factors and its low levels of antibodies. Available in standard or heat-inactivated forms.

Insect Media
Media for insect cell culture.

LB Agar Plates
Luria Broth agar plates with antibiotics are typically used as a growth substrate with a selective growth compound for the controlled culture of bacteria. LB agar plates with ampicillin and kanamycin are available for purchase. Custom plates are also available. Lab must provide preferred additional growth compounds.

LB Broth
Luria Broth, a nutritionally rich medium used for the growth of bacteria.

Specialty and Custom Media
A custom recipe prepared according to researchers instructions or guidelines.

Sterility Testing
Verifying the sterility of our products or customer samples through QC broths, endotoxin and Mycoplasma testing.


The Bio-Tek ELx808 is an absorbance microplate reader produced by Bio-Tek Instruments to perform kinetic Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) testing. The software can be configured to run kinetic chromogenic, kinetic turbidimetric, and endpoint testing.

The Media Preparation Core has a MediaMatic MM-9 accompanied by 2 PourMatic MP-1000s. The MediaMatic is a sophisticated, versatile media sterilizer, benchtop autoclave and controlled water bath. It prepares from 1-9 liters of media in about an hour. The MP-1000s are automated dish-filling systems that produce high quality agar plates. The PourMatic aseptically dispenses agar into Petri dishes and stacks the sterile plates in a carousel for cooling.

The Endosafe®-PTS is a handheld spectrophotometer that utilizes FDA-licensed disposable cartridges for accurate, convenient endotoxin testing.

Procedures & Quality Control

The Media Preparation Core produces a variety of quality controlled tissue culture and bacteriological media, balanced salt solutions, tissue culture reagents and buffers.

Media Preparation Core glassware is soaked overnight in a sanitizing solution, washed in high pressure washers, baked at a high temperature of 180°C without caps, and then baked in a drying oven at 125°C for 8 hours using temperature sensitive sterilization monitors. Every bottle used goes through a final visual inspection before it is labeled and filled. Preparation of all products in the Media Preparation Lab begins with 0.2µm filtered high purity 18 MΩ-cm Super-Q water. Water is regularly tested for Endotoxins.

All Media Preparation Core cell culture products are filtered through pharmaceutical grade double-layer 0.1µm filters from Pall Trincor, offering complete retention of mycoplasma and removal of bacteria. Each filter is subjected to individual integrity testing by the manufacturer before it is certified and shipped to the Media Lab. In addition to the manufacturer’s testing, the Media Preparation Core performs its own filter integrity test before and after filtration.

Quality Control Broths

Prior to release, each batch of media is tested for sterility. A sample from each batch is mixed with nutrient broths. BHI (supports the growth of aerobic bacteria and yeast) SAB (supports fungal growth) and THIO (supports aerobic and anaerobic forms of bacteria). Testing is done in duplicate. After a 2-week test period, media is released for purchase.

Tissue Culture Quality Control

Cell growth performance and colony forming efficiency tests are performed on each batch of tissue culture media. Mycoplasma testing is performed on each batch of tissue culture media and sterile solutions. The Media Preparation Core performs Endotoxin testing on all batches of media prepared.

Buffers and Microbiological Media
Sterility of autoclaved media and buffers is monitored with the use of biological indicators during the time of sterilization.

Carmel Burns
Department Manager, Media Preparation Core
Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?
Please visit our iLab page to place orders.

When and where do I pick up my order?
Orders received before 4 p.m. are available for pick up the next day between 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. in NB1-15 (Located within the Lerner Research Institute). Remember to bring a box or cart for your order.

Can I pick up my order immediately?
We ask that you give the Media Preparation Core one day to fill your order. In the case of an emergency we will give out media same day however in some cases there may be a small fee.

What do we do with our media and solution bottles once they are empty?
Please be sure to thoroughly rinse out media bottles, then submerge them in the plastic tubs provided to each lab by the glassware facility. Please recycle plastic bottles.

Are you making custom media or buffers?
Yes, please bring your custom requests to us for discussion. We would like to hear any suggestions for additional items that could be added to our list.

What is the price of making a custom media?
The price of a custom order depends on many things such as the cost of powders, filter & labor. Therefore the cost varies for every different custom ordered.

Do you provide endotoxin testing?
es, order forms can be picked up outside the media lab located at NB1-15.

Do you have information on media formulations?
Yes - call, email, or stop by and a photocopy of the formulation will be made for you.

Is the media sterile or sterile filtered?
Yes, all Media Preparation Core cell culture products are filtered through pharmaceutical grade double-layer 0.1µm filters from Pall Trincor offering complete retention of mycoplasma and removal of bacteria.

What type of quality control is performed on the media from the media core?
Quality controls broths to verify no bacteria or yeast growth, Endotoxin and Mycoplasma testing, and Cell Culture verification.

How is my lab being billed?
Orders are being billed through the iLab system.

Do we have enough media in inventory?
We keep all of our media in stock with the exception of custom orders and bulk solutions. Although we have the media in stock, we still ask that you give us one day to fill your orders.

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