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The Engineering Core team consists of mechanical, biomedical and materials engineers who focus on research and development related to new medical devices. We have over eighty years of combined engineering experience from a variety of backgrounds. Our team uses state-of-the-art tools to complement our experience, including computer-aided design, digital anatomic reconstruction and rapid prototyping (see Services for more information). We have the unique position of having access to Cleveland Clinic physicians and surgeons and the support and infrastructure of Cleveland Clinic, with the operational flexibility of a small business.


Ryan  Klatte

Ryan Klatte
Principal Research Engineer
Engineering Core, 3D Printing Core
Phone:(216) 445-0289
[email protected]

Dave  Dudzinski, BS

Dave Dudzinski, BS
Principal Research Engineer, Engineering Core
Design Engineer, Nitinol Center
Phone:(216) 444-1075
[email protected]

Mark  Lobosky

Mark Lobosky
Senior Principal Research Engineer
Phone:(216) 636-0916
[email protected]

Sergey  Samorezov

Sergey Samorezov
Senior Principal Research Engineer
Phone:(216) 444-6078
[email protected]


The Engineering Core is primarily focused on the design and fabrication of new medical device prototypes. We provide mechanical design and materials selection expertise to clinicians and innovators within Cleveland Clinic as well as externally. Our close partnership with Cleveland Clinic Innovations helps guide our projects to develop both functional and commercially relevant devices. These projects typically last 12 - 18 months.

Additionally, the Engineering Core is involved with several multi-year projects and we have a number of collaborations with various institutions. The background of the majority of our engineers is multi-year projects.

The Engineering Core also operates the Rapid Prototyping facilities, which serve as a fee-for-service method to provide prototype models to both internal and external clients. Our turn-around time is exceptional and a quote is always provided up-front.


Engineering Core

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