Christine S. Moravec,  PhD

Christine S. Moravec, PhD


Director, Research Education and Training Center, LRI

Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195


Research in my laboratory focuses on human heart failure (HF), using 2 different approaches. First, we investigate the physiological and biochemical changes during HF, and ask if these changes can be reversed by current therapies. We collaborate with clinical colleagues to obtain patient information and perform laboratory studies on tissue samples from patients. Ongoing work focuses on the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems and their roles in human HF, as well as differences between males and females in HF. Secondly, we investigate the role of psychophysiologic remodeling in HF, utilizing biofeedback-assisted stress management (BFSM) and testing the hypothesis that this type of intervention can also impact the cellular and molecular phenotype in HF patients. Our goal is to demonstrate biologic remodeling of the failing heart following BFSM. The newest project in our lab tests the effects of several different stress management techniques in patients with coronary artery disease, again using biologic and clinical endpoints. Collaborative research also tests the hypothesis that BFSM will improve clinical status and quality of life in patients with diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Funding from the CCF Product Development Fund is helping us to create a handheld biofeedback device for patient use at home.


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A complete list of Dr. Moravec's publications may be viewed at PubMed.


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Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland State University Receive $1.2 Million NIH Award to Recruit Underrepresented Minority PhD Students

With new federal support for this longstanding cross-city collaboration in education and training, research teams at Lerner Research Institute and CSU seek to increase the number of minority scientists in the Cleveland area.