The Department of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Sciences is home to scientists with broad expertise in cardiovascular and related systems as well as cellular metabolism related to diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

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Processing flavonoids, nutritional components of “superfoods,” requires specific gut bacteria

Cleveland Clinic researchers find that despite general benefits from fruits and vegetables, people need the right gut microbiota to reap the benefits from flavonoids.

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Restoring the gut biome after antibiotics could lead to better outcomes for ovarian cancer patients

Reassessing antibiotic dosage and type could improve survival rates in deadliest gynecologic malignancy, Cleveland Clinic research finds.

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Metformin identified as a potential atrial fibrillation treatment in collaborative research

How drugs and atrial fibrillation affect functions and genes in the body is the subject of a recent study into metformin and other candidate drugs.

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