The mission of the Department of Cancer Biology is to build bridges and teams to drive the best ideas in basic and translational cancer biology and developmental therapeutics to achieve breakthrough advances in the prevention, treatment and cure of cancer. The department faculty are international leaders in brain, colorectal and prostate cancers, leukemia and myeloma, as well as cancer stem cells, mechanisms of DNA damage and repair, and fundamental molecular and cellular processes that impact microbial infections and cancer. Identifying the molecular mechanisms involved in the development and progression of human cancers as well as in normal cellular regulatory processes is our goal, enabling us to achieve our long-term objective of rapidly translating research into strategies that improve patient outcomes.

Department News


Low-fat or lower-carb diet? Cleveland Clinic postdoc wins prestigious award to study dietary interventions for prostate cancer

The Prostate Cancer Foundation awarded Ashley E. Holly, PhD, MBA, with the Young Investigator Award to study clinical investigations into diet and prostate cancer.

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Cleveland Clinic receives $12 million to investigate how inflammatory cytokines affect cancer progression

A new program funded by a National Cancer Institute grant aims to advance treatments that target the mechanisms tumors use to grow and survive.

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New Cleveland Clinic Centers of Excellence Target “Long COVID,” Myeloid Leukemia, Gut Microbiome

The program, which has funded 21 research teams since 2015, has a proven record of supporting projects that go on to attract large external grants.

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