D. Geoffrey Vince,  Ph.D.

D. Geoffrey Vince, Ph.D.

Department Chair

The Virginia Lois Kennedy Endowed Chair in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Therapeutics

Lerner Research Institute, 9500 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44195


Stroke is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among patients with cardiovascular disease, and the leading cause of long-term disability in the United States. Current imaging modalities are primarily used to determine the severity of luminal stenosis caused by carotid plaque. However, cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) are often associated with the rupture of plaques from regions with non-significant luminal stenosis. Accurate identification of these high-risk, rupture-prone plaques could prevent CVA in a significant number of patients.

Plaque composition is an additional and perhaps more important risk factor for CVA. Unfortunately, in clinical implementation, duplex ultrasound images are not cost-effective, and are technically unreliable and often invasive.

There is a clear unmet clinical need for a non-invasive, low-cost method to accurately characterize the composition of carotid plaques. My team is developing mathematical algorithms based upon quantitative ultrasound and acoustic radiation force impulse imaging that can better analyze ultrasound images of carotid arteries. The new system creates a spectrum in which different colors indicate where and how bad the plaque build-up is by using information from scattered ultrasound points during the creation of standard ultrasound images. Our goal is to provide a tool that will predict which patients are at increased risk for stroke.

Lay Summary

Each year, about 800,000 Americans have a new or recurrent stroke, or “brain attack.” Many strokes are caused by carotid stenosis, a build-up of plaque in the carotid arteries on either side of the neck that carry blood and oxygen to the brain; the result is brain damage and often other physical harm. My team is developing software that analyzes ultrasound images. Different  s in the ultrasound images indicate where the plaque is located, and how severe it is. Our goal is to provide a tool that will predict which patients are at greater risk of stroke, which will help the physician decide on the best way to treat it.

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US Patent Patent Title Issue Date First-Named Inventor
8630492 System and Method for Identifying a Vascular Border 1/14/2014 D. Geoffrey Vince Ph.D.
8622910 System and Method of Acquiring Blood-Vessel Data 1/7/2014 D. Geoffrey Vince Ph.D.
6,200,268 Vascular Plaque Characterization 3/13/2001 D. Geoffrey Vince Ph.D.

05/26/2021 |  

D. Geoffrey Vince, PhD, Appointed Executive Director of Cleveland Clinic Innovations

Dr. Vince will lead the commercialization arm of Cleveland Clinic, which turns medical breakthrough inventions into patient-benefiting medical products and companies.

01/07/2020 |  

Using Machine Learning to Better Assess Stroke Risk

With a new award from the Department of Defense, Dr. Vince will use non-invasive ultrasound and a novel artificial intelligence algorithm that predicts carotid artery plaque composition to detect patients at high risk of future stroke.