Technology Development

Biomedical Engineering

The UroMonitor—like a “fitbit for the bladder”—is a wireless, insertable monitor designed for improved diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of urinary incontinence. The flexible device, shaped like a coil, is inserted into a patient’s bladder lumen. It tracks and wirelessly transmits physiological data to an external device, such as a cell phone app, to inform patients and physicians of bladder infection and dysfunction. The device can be removed by pulling a string and disposed of completely. The UroMonitor technology is currently under discussion for licensing with several companies.

Image courtesy of the Advanced Platform Technology Center - Jennifer Kerbo

The UroMonitor is designed to measure bladder pressure and volume for 4-5 days under normal daily activity. Patients can manually input urge, leakage and other sensations into a mobile app for synchronization with UroMonitor measurements. UroMonitor and patient-entered data will be uploaded to a secure database that clinicians can review. Proprietary diagnostic algorithms have been developed to automate data review and assist clinicians with diagnosis.