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Processing flavonoids, nutritional components of “superfoods,” requires specific gut bacteria

Cleveland Clinic researchers find that despite general benefits from fruits and vegetables, people need the right gut microbiota to reap the benefits from flavonoids.

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Uncovering the Essential Role Nitric Oxide Plays in Improving Disease Treatments

Cleveland Clinic researchers discover connections between nitric oxide and heme proteins in regulating critical cellular and tissue signaling and physiological functions.

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Cleveland Clinic researchers collaborate with international team to uncover how the body responds to life-threatening disease from herpes simplex virus 1

Researchers revealed novel genetic alterations and immune mechanisms in a child that was hospitalized with herpes encephalitis.

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New Global Center for Pathogen and Human Health Research

The Global Center for Pathogen and Human Health Research will bring together a research team to broaden understanding of viral pathogens and the human immune response toward preparing and protecting against future public health threats.


Accelerating Discoveries to Patients

Working together with Cleveland Clinic physicians, our scientists are discovering the treatments of tomorrow. While many spend their days working at the laboratory bench, their inspiration can be found at the patient bedside.

Morgenthaler Symposium

Oct. 13 - 14, 2022

An all-expenses paid opportunity for select PhD student to attend, present and learn about Cleveland Clinic postdoctoral positions.


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